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Day: December 26, 2015

Eco-friendly Kitchen Design Ideas

One of the most frequently used section of the house is the kitchen, it has become the new living room. The volume of traffic in the kitchen is one of the highest amongst the rooms in the home. To protect the environment, it is critical to ensure that the kitchen has an environmentally friendly design together with an eco-friendly construction that does not contribute to increasing the carbon footprint.

The following are some of the innovative kitchen interior design ideas that will make food preparation eco-friendly:

  • Take advantage of Natural Light

The design of your kitchen should take full advantage of natural light and minimize the use of artificial light. Ensure the work area has enough natural light filtration by incorporating large windows into the design. Your interior designer can offer a free 3d kitchen design to visualize the amount of natural light from the windows. For artificial use energy saving LED lights for kitchens or the (CFL) Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs.

  • Recycle Actively

The process of recycling is one of the most critical aspects of eco-friendly living and should be actively done. Designing a kitchen with specific areas for waste materials is the key to recycling. The waste can be organized into the garbage, composting and recycling containers to be handled efficiently. For instance, plastic, glass, and paper waste products should be separated for recycling. You can include such recyclable materials for your ornamental and DIY projects.

  • Green Appliances

To ensure that your kitchen design is completely eco-friendly ensure you use eco-friendly appliances. These appliances include food processors, dishwashers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, blenders, and cookers etc. that are both cost and energy efficient. For instance, when it comes to choosing a dishwasher select an energy efficient one that has the quick wash & dry air feature that saves energy. Buy the latest energy efficient appliances like fridges with improved technology.

  • Eco-friendly Flooring

The materials you choose for kitchen flooring should be from sustainable or renewable materials. Such flooring materials include cork, bamboo, and linoleum. Cork which comes from the bark of trees is a sustainable flooring material which can be harvested continually since tree barks will grow back. For a more attractive and vibrant kitchen, you can choose bamboo flooring. For a cooler kitchen environment, you can select natural wood flooring.

  • Counter-tops

Countertops made from recycled materials are the most eco-friendly. There are a variety recycled materials countertop designs to select from. They are not only more affordable but also long lasting.

  • Eco-Friendly Cabinets

The cabinets should be made from environmentally materials to match the floor and countertops. They could be remodeled to fit in with the main kitchen design. Wood is another excellent choice for cabinets and bamboo is great because it is a high quality and sustainable choice for making cabinets.

In the overall kitchen design, you must try to use as much eco-friendly or natural materials as possible. It would be more appropriate to source for locally available materials rather than importation which would increase the carbon footprint. Finally ensure that your kitchen is based on reuse, reduce and recycle as the principle of achieving an eco-friendly environment.