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Ditch Conventional cleaning

What to Look For In a Green House Cleaning Service

What to Look For In a House Cleaning Service

When looking for a home cleaning service provider, it is important to be on the lookout for several key characteristics. This is an industry that has very many participants and you need to be able to sort the wheat from the chaff. Make a note of these traits, and why they should be made a priority. More information can be found on the Cleaning Services Chicago website.

Care and Consideration

When opening up your home to a service provider, you need to know that they will take as much care of your items as you would. A careless provider who breaks or scratches things will add to your costs and make you fearful of hiring them again. It is worse when they damage something of great sentimental value or that is irreplaceable. Establishing the track record of the provider with previous clients is a good way to judge how considerately they will handle your property.

Flexibility and Timeliness

Each person has his or her own schedule to adhere to. When hiring a cleaning service, you need to know they can accommodate you on your terms. Whether it is in the early mornings or just weekends, they should be able to work around your schedule. Once you agree on the timing and frequency of the service, it is also important that they are timely. They should arrive and leave as promised so as not to interfere with whatever else you have planned. This behavior should also be consistent throughout the term of your association.

Efficiency and Reliability

Whether you are supplying the cleaning products or not, the cost will eventually be applied to your bills. It is important that the people you hire are professional enough to make adequate use of your cleaning supplies without being wasteful. Green cleaning products are not only cheaper, they are also a healthier choice. If they are bringing in equipment, like carpet cleaners, then they should work properly and be suited to the task at hand. Let the not use the wrong products that may cause damage to your property.

Security and Honesty

Always ask about background checks. Much of the time, even if you are home, you will be leaving the cleaner to do their job without supervision. This means you have to reasonably trust they will not steal or commit some other crime in your absence. Make sure the provider you choose has a strict hiring policy that includes looking into the background of new hires. The cleaner should also always perform the full list of agreed upon services without skimping.

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Ditch Conventional cleaning for Green cleaning!

I am sure you have heard of green cleaning, but you have had your doubts whether it is a better alternative to conventional cleaning. Well, find out every reason you need why you need to start green cleaning today not only to safeguard the health of your family at home but to contribute to a cleaner and greener world.

Home Safety

Conventional cleaning products are hazardous chemicals and are labeled as such. Therefore, these products are not very safe to use or have around the home. Imagine the sort of risk you pose to your children or pets when you use such products. It is poison and every day there are emergencies connected to household cleaning products. On the hand, green cleaning products are much safer and will not harm anyone.

Health Protection

imagesGreen cleaning products will give the peace of mind that your family or pets are not vulnerable in any way. Conventional cleaning products lead to all manner of health complications such as allergic reactions, rashes, coughs, sneezing, migraines etc. So many families have witnessed a decrease or elimination of such ailments once they stopped using toxic cleaning products. The conventional cleaning products and their hazardous effects can lead to even more serious health conditions such as cancer given their carcinogenic nature. Green cleaning products, on the other hand, are natural and will promote good health.

Cleaner Air in the Home

Conventional cleaning products carry dangerous pollutants and will contaminate the air quality in the house. Breathing in such dangerous pollutants can lead to serious damage to your health which could affect major organs such as your lungs, kidneys, livers or even your brain. These hazardous chemicals will remain in the air long after you have finished using them. But you can now breath easy by switching to the most healthy alternative, green cleaning!

Protect the Environment

As someone who is passionate about conserving the environment, you want to use products that do not harm the environment. Green cleaning products are the safest alternative when it comes to cleaning products. They are derived from natural ingredients that are non-toxic and have no impact on the carbon footprint. Conventional cleaning products harm the environment because they contain toxic and non-biodegradable compounds that seriously harm the environment.

Affordable and Economical

Green cleaning products save you money because they can be used to clean everything around the home. The natural products used to make green cleaning products are readily available and hence cheaper than conventional products.

Simple Cleaning

You do not need to have a variety of toxic cleaning products for different purpose green cleaning products are all purpose. For instance, you can clean toilets, remove molds, clean windows using vinegar without ever switching products. Green cleaning products will never harm you or your clothes like bleach!


Green cleaning product manufacturers have big hearts and not only give back to the environment but also contributing other worthy causes like education globally. When buy green cleaning products you are definitely making the world a better place.

Hire a Green Cleaning Service

Many house cleaning services offer green cleaning options. If you’re not going to do-it-yourself then consider hiring a cleaning company that has a commitment to the environment. Most cleaning companies will give you the option, but some, like this Denver CO house cleaning company are so committed to green cleaning that they only offer these products.

Check the Ingredients

Green cleaning products have all their ingredients indicated on the labels, unlike conventional cleaning products that sometimes do not reveal the toxic ingredients they use.

Become a Green Role Model

By using green cleaning products around the home your family, especially your children and other relatives and friends will follow after you now or later in their lives. This is not only great for the health of those around but for the survival of our planet’s eco-system.

Home-Made Products

When it comes to green cleaning products you can also get creative and develop some of your own products using natural ingredients available locally. You not only save money, but you also get a more effective and healthy cleaning product!