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Solar Panels

Eco-Friendly Homes with Solar Panels

Climate change is a huge topic lately and the main motivation for finding alternative energy sources. Everyone including those who are not climate conscious is interested in finding ways of making their homes more energy efficient by using alternative sources of energy.  One of the now mainstream ways of achieving energy efficiency is solar energy. More people are installing solar panels at home as a renewable source of energy to not only protect the environment but also save some money.


The solar energy from the sun is clean, abundant and free. Solar panels transform the sunlight directly into electricity using photovoltaic cells. These cells are assembled together into panels. The cost of solar panels has significantly gone down over the years increasing access to more people.

What is the advantage of installing solar panels for homeowners?

Solar panels harness the energy from the sun providing clean and renewable solar power.  The majority of homeowners would like to take advantage of the free energy of the sun.

The initial cost of installing solar panels is massive, however, it will provide an unlimited supply of clean energy for your home during its entire lifespan.

Installing solar panels will make your home energy independent reducing dependence on the traditional power grid. This will reduce dependence on traditional electricity will cut the energy bills at home significantly

During blackouts and power disruptions on the main grid power, solar panels will continue to provide an uninterrupted supply of electricity.

Solar panels are durable and normally have a guaranteed 25 to 30-year warranty by the installer. They are easy to maintain because they have few movable parts and are strong against extreme weather. That means unlimited electricity supply for many years to come at no cost.

Solar panels provide electricity to people living in areas that are connected to the main power grid helping them to power their homes and stay connected.

Homeowners who install solar panels increase the value of their homes by more than 20% since potential buyers are willing to pay more for a home that energy independent. After all, who would want to save money every month from reduced energy bills?

Homeowners can now earn some money from the surplus electricity they generate from their solar systems by connecting to the main grid and receiving energy credits. You may also get tax credits from the local authorities for your solar panel installation.

How does installing solar panel benefit the environment?

The growing popularity of solar panels is largely attributed to the environmental concerns. The world has given much focus and priority to preserving the environment and combating climate change. Solar energy is clean, it does not produce any harmful emissions such carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide that destroys the environment.

If more homeowners would switch to solar energy the reliance on fossil fuels to generate electricity would drastically reduce. Therefore increased adoption of solar energy will lower the carbon footprint significantly.


How do you go about installing solar panels?

The cost of installing solar panels to your home makes solar energy a huge investment for homeowners. It is recommended that solar panel installation should be done by certified solar installation experts.

Nonetheless, some DIY homeowners in an attempt to cut costs decide to do the solar installation project on their own. There are DIY kits provided nowadays to guide homeowners in doing their own solar panel installations. If you lack the necessary skills in electrical wiring and installation then perhaps it best you hire a professional solar panel installation contractor.

The contractor can assist you in obtaining the requisite building permits. To prevent accidents or electrocution the solar panels must be installed professionally according to the regulations. If you want to receive tax credits from your solar installation make sure it is installed by a certified installer that is recognized by the local authorities. A DIY installation may affect your warranty as well.

Go Green Install Solar Panels on Your Roof

Homeowners are being conscious about becoming energy efficient. As we continue to witness the adverse effects of global warming it has become apparent that we have to make changes at home to contribute to lowering the carbon footprint. The aim is not only to conserve the environment but save money as well. Solar energy, a clean and renewable energy source is lowering energy bills for homes and helping in protecting the environment.

Energy Savings

Orbis-Group-Solar-Panels1Installing solar panels on your roof is a massive investment that eventually pays back through energy savings. Solar panels trap the energy from the sun and converts it into electrical energy without affecting the eco-system.

Solar power can be applied in heating and air conditions homes as well as powering other electrical appliances with significant cost savings. Solar provides several benefits for the environment by reducing reliance on non-renewable energy sources that pollute the environment
and increase the carbon footprint.

Increase in Home Resale Value

Homes that have installed solar panels actually increase in value by over 20% which is great for resale. The homes with solar panels installed become self-sufficient in terms of energy and can get home heating and air conditioning all year round at very minimal costs. Governments now provide homes with solar with tax credits and allow people to sell surplus solar energy.

Use Qualified Electricians

Solar panels are not just plugged in, installing the panels is a technically sophisticated task that requires qualified electricians. You may be required to get certification to able to personally install solar panels on your roof. The wiring work and contribution to the grid requires a qualified electrician because high-voltage is normally involved. You will be at risk f electrocution if you make a mistake, for safety reasons find a qualified electrician.

The benefits of installing solar are immense and saves your energy budget and protects the environment!