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Maintain your pool with these eco-friendly tips

What most families consider as great fun during summer, is spending time in the pool. However, few find pool cleaning and maintenance to be much fun. Bacteria and microorganisms present in dirty pool water can lead to infections. Using chemicals will disinfect the water, however, may create a harsh environment for swimming hurting both the skin and eyes.pool-maintenance
Cleaning your pool with fewer chemicals creates a healthy environment for swimming and the water supply. These eco-friendly pool maintenance and cleaning tips will limit the use of chemicals and effort needed in keeping the pool water clean, environmentally friendly and most of all fun.
• Daily Morning Maintenance
Make it a routine to clean the pool early in the morning on a daily basis. At this time, the weather is most of the times serene and the water clear. You can get the correct impression of the condition of the water at this time.
• Use a Pool Cover
A pool cover is the pool’s best line of defense when it is not in use. It lowers the rate of evaporation of water and chemicals, prevents dust, pollen, leaves, twigs and other debris from entering the pool. It helps reduce the use of chemicals and level of maintenance of the pool. The pool cover also helps retain the warmth of your pool.
• Skim your Pool each Morning
Catch bugs, leaves and other debris that collect at night by skimming your pool each morning. The skimmer basket must also be emptied. Give the walls a thorough scrubbing at least once each week. Save time by making use of robots to clean the pool bottom.
• Use the Filtration System
When the pool is not in use run the filtration system for water to circulate efficiently without interference. Frequently replace the paper cartridge pump filters. Make the filters more durable by washing them using pressure and soaking them in bleach or vinegar. Follow the recommendations of the manufacturer to back flush the sand filter system.
• Metal Trap Sand Filter
Use a metal trap sand filter to fill the pool at the beginning of the season to get rid of heavy metals from water. It helps limit the dependence on chemicals to get rid of dissolved manganese and iron from water. According to this  Winnipeg pool renovations contractor they may be more costly but the long term effect is reduced chemicals and time of maintenance.
• Salt Water Chlorination
The system for salt water chlorination requires a huge initial investment however in the long run it saves money and is environmentally friendly. The system uses electrolysis to generate chlorine by breaking down salt in the water. As the pool owner, you will need to add salt to maintain a good pH level and the ratio of salt to water.

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